Last Nights National Title Game Was Shit

I’ve seen some really nasty stuff in my day – Scat porn, two girls one cup, a pregnancy education video, a huge cist being popped… but nothing was as ugly, disgusting, and rotten as last nights national title game. My lord. Check out these numbers.


A sneeze or a wet fart caused a player to fall to the floor. These so called athletes looked like Bambi first learning how to walk. And I might be in the minority but many of the calls were actually warranted. You can’t entirely blame the zebra crew. The teams played horrible defense. And to shoot 65-57% from the Free Throw line!? At first I wanted to blame the huge football stadium for the poor shooting but then I realized. Kids across the country grow up playing at parks with endless space and no backdrops. So that’s just a stupid excuse.

As a result, there must have been 66 other teams that played in that tournament watching and thinking to themselves. “How did these two make it and not us?” – Hell, even I was wondering how I didn’t become a D1 college baller.

And finally, this just further proves the point: NBA > College basketball.

I can’t believe they managed to provide more than 2 min. of highlights.

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