“I am Heath Ledger” a Spike Tv documentary to drop soon. Heath, you beautiful man, you!

This documentary looks to me to focues on how good of a person Heath Ledger was before his death and his role as “The Joker” in “The Dark Knight”(Fucking incredible). What a fucking role that was and what he did for that movie. You almost forget about all the other roles he did and how cool this dude was… “The Patriot” is one of my top 10 movies and he played beside Mel Gibson as his son. “A Knights Tale”, “10 things I hate about you”, “Brokeback Mountain”. He was gone before his time and as this trailer shows he wanted to be a director, acting was his means of making that dream a reality…

Ted to this day still brings up that Ledger was losing his hair…Jealous Ted? Gotta bring him down to your level?!

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