Some Woman Is Wandering Around on Land & Claiming To Be A Mermaid

A woman was found nearly naked wandering down a street in Fresno, Calif., Tuesday and investigators there say they need help identifying her.

Fresno police said the woman was found around 3 a.m. near the Eagle Spring Golf & Country Club with wet hair. She identified herself as Joanna and told officers that she was a mermaid, Fox 5 San Diego reported.

The woman, who has two webbed toes on both feet, told officers she has been in the water but couldn’t answer many more questions.

Officials said she is 5-foot-4, weighs about 150 pounds and has brown eyes and hair.


A few years ago Animal Planet made a Fake documentary about Humans starting off as Mermaids and eventually evolving into our current land form. They even claimed that mermaids still exist today – I’ll admit, the proof was pretty damn convincing and they made some great points and a few morons out there still believe it as real today. (The same people who probably think 9/11 is all a conspiracy, I’m sure)

Well, this chick must have taken the documentary literally herself. The web toes probably started her concern, but Animal Planet pushed that mindset over the top.  Now we have a Princess Ariel wannabe walking around to deal with. Which is confusing in itself. How the hell is she walking if she’s a mermaid? And I’ll never understand our societies obsession with Vampires, zombies, wizards, and mermaids. We are crazy about it.

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  1. you actually thought 2 planes can take down a tower that was designed to take the impact of multiple planes hitting it…wasn’t done by our government?


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