Stephen Piscotty of The Cardinals Had The Worst Inning Of His Life

The St. Louis Cardinals Stephen Piscotty must be wondering what the hell sport he signed up for. We are 2 games into the 162 game regular season and the dude got his ass kicked in one half inning yesterday. I saw this live and by the end, I told Uncle Stink that I felt it was appropriate he retire… Well, he didn’t retire but he did of course leave the game. Which was deserved.

  1. In his at-bat he was nailed in the right elbow.
  2. Stealing second he was nailed in the left elbow.
  3. And running home he was cold clocked across the face, which left him with a bloody nose.

It’s days like this when you just leave the office. You don’t even explain your reasoning. Just pack up and head home. No point.

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