The new John Mayer Music Video is something else…Funny son of a bitch! Plus! A Shawn Mendes Duet?!

I dropped this song “Still feel like your man” awhile back when Mayer released his first wave of new music in a 4 song package. John Mayer has always been known to be a funny fucker and that’s why I respect him even more than just an incredible musician. The guy loves to joke and thats what we here at Cheeseknuckles love to do too! Just look at this son of bitch’s facial expressions and new dance moves. I know “Backside Brooklyn” aka J-Hoe will be stealing some of the dance moves ol Johnny features here…

This next video is a duet between up and comer Shawn Mendes with “Mercy” and Mayer as the perform “In your atmosphere”. This two are too damn smooth!

Fuck… is it laundry day? My panties are soaked.

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