Apparently Devin Booker Of The Suns Might Have A Bigger Dick Than Rick Muntz

Word is Devin Booker of The Suns has a serious knee banger of a dick. spoke with a very popular INSTAGRAM thottie – who gave us a D*CK REPORT on the NBA star – and it had us speechless. Here’s what she said:

MTO I have some tea for you. Devin Booker has a massive d*ck. I mean massive, I’ve never seen anything like it.

We met a few months ago when he was in my DMs and we finally connected when he came to [NAME OF CITY REDACTED]

He warned me that he was big before we got back to his room, but I had no idea. The thing is 14 inches and as thick as a poland spring.

We tried to put it in, but it couldn’t fit. Not in my mouth, not in my p*ssy nowhere. I felt bad so I ended up [using her hand].

He seemed embarrassed by the size of it. Normally I would say a big d*ck is a blessing. But in his case, I think it’s a curse.

I dunno – Rick might have some girth/length competition here but that would be about it. Sure, Booker plays in the NBA, scored 70 points, is money rich, good looking, and sports a stellar hair line, but that’s about it on Rick. Rick has everything else and though he might not be money rich, he is loving rich. And what’s life really all about?

And trust me – the above description from the Instagram hottie is nothing I haven’t already heard when Rick’s rig is described. It wasn’t a “Poland spring bottle” but instead a forearm…so… yeah. We might have ourselves a classic dick off of a battle…

Compare. I also circled the dick in red in case you weren’t certain where a dick was. Always educating on this site.

A close race here. Two thoroughbred horses coming down the backstretch In a tight one.

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