These Cleveland Indians Are A Lot of Fun To Watch

As a Red Sox fan I can admit it. I LOVE watching the Indians play. I watched all three of their season opening games and what’s not to like about this bunch? They’re as talented as any and play with a chip on their shoulder at all times. On top of that, their youthful fire for the game is contagious. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have Terry Francona steering the ship.

In a season opening sweep of the Rangers they stormed back in two games and last night was the highlight when Lindor (Arguably the best player in the entire league) hit a grand slam to steal one in the 9th. Bat Flip Friday…Hmmm.

So where do the Indians go from here? There’s a long road ahead but the World Series loss to the Cubs doesn’t seem have caused a hangover and the addition of Encarnacion is in my opinion, a major upgrade from Napoli.

Combine the talented bats and defense with a starting pitching staff of Kluber, Salazar, and Carrasco (top 5 in the league) with the one two bullpen punch of Miller and Allen and you have all the ingredients for a successful season. I can’t see any reason why they shouldn’t contend and repeat from last year. Especially in the trashy American League Central.

Additionally, this team should be good for years to come. The list of Indians players who are under contract is really long and the entire organization seems to be stable. The only sneaky disaster would be injuries and I’m tapping the wood of my desk as I type it. Baseball is a weird sport and random injuries can quickly dismantle the hope of a city and team.

So other than the Red Sox, consider me an Indians fan. It’s hard not to root for a team this fun, this fundamental, this young, and this loaded.

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