Some Interesting & Not So Favorable Information About Augusta National & The Masters

Members of Augusta – If you’re looking for an official list of members (thought to be about 300 in total) you won’t find it. The club is protective and often times, members aren’t discovered unless they attend the Masters.

Criteria To Be a Member – The specifics are a secret as well. But if you have to ask, you aren’t invited. Also, the first black member wasn’t until 1990 and the first women weren’t admitted until 2012 (former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina financier Darla Moore)

Bird Noises – It’s well known and admitted that many of the bird noises you hear on your TV are actually fake and added by the CBS broadcast.

The flowers – Rumor has it, Augusta National freezes its  plants during warmer years to ensure they’re always in full bloom the week of the Masters.

The perfect water – Golf Digest’s Mike Stachura was fortunate enough to play the course in 1996 – and bold enough to take a sample from the pond in front of No. 15. Tests revealed the water contained food dye, similar to what’s used in blue-colored icing you might find on a kid’s birthday cake.

Broadcasting – CBS has aired every tournament since 1956 and it’s believed Augusta and CBS don’t make any money on the deal. Augusta doesn’t bid out the rights every year because they want complete control over the broadcast.

Home is NOT for sale – Herman and Elizabeth Thacker, the senior couple standing up to the rich green jacketed members of the powerful, exclusive private club. This couple has turned down big bucks to stay in their home and not sell their land to Augusta.

The Home at 112 Stanley Drive:

Capture 2.PNG

Augusta National Location – I long believed that Augusta was in the middle of some beautiful woods. Like a secret magical place. Realistically the surrounding area isn’t so pleasant and walled off.

Augusta from above:


Formerly Racist Augusta?: Up until 1983, all caddies at the Masters were black and employed by Augusta National; golfers were not allowed to bring their own bag jockeys to the tournament. Clifford Roberts himself even is quoted as saying: “As long as I’m alive, golfers will be white and caddies will be black.” In 1977, 20 years before Tiger Woods won his first of four Masters Tournaments, Roberts, age 83, committed suicide by gunshot to the head at Augusta National.

The Green Jackets:The Club’s green coat, however, had first been worn in 1937 when members were encouraged by co-Founder Clifford Roberts to buy one and wear it during the Tournament, so patrons would be able to identify a source of reliable information. The first coats were manufactured from a heavy fabric and weren’t popular with members given how warm spring in Georgia can be. Several years later, though, a lightweight jacket was made available — a single-breasted, single-vent model with the Augusta National Golf Club logo stitched on the left chest pocket. The logo is also embossed on the jacket’s brass buttons.” 

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