At What Age Does Our Dick Stop Growing?

An interesting question came up on two separate occasions last week from two individuals.

At what age does your dick stop growing?

I swear, this question was presented twice, which also gives you some insight about the type of friends and people I hangout with. (Might need to explore other friend options) And though the question is a little bizarre  it’s a good one.

At what age is our dick fully sprouted? When are erections final? I know most men physically grow well through high school, but can the same be said about our cocks? If so, having sex your freshman year of high school could be a far different experience than your Senior year. And college might open a whole new world of possibilities for formerly “small” fellas. Just like ugly people can peak late, could a dick follow suit?

And like ears, does it keep growing as we get older? In my case I plead for the answer to be yes! And In Rick Muntz case the answer by all women is a loud “Oh Hell NO!” By 75 Rick would be a destroyer.

This is a question of serious discussion and understanding. And instead of age I included three simple choices.

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