Monday Baseball At Comerica Park Is Living

Yesterday I took off work (yes, I have a job) and sat my ass in the stands of Comerica Park, smack dab in the middle of beautiful Detroit, and watched some baseball. Other than the Sox losing late, it was an absolute picture perfect Monday. No work, sun kissing my skin, and summer shandy filled my belly.

My seats:


I loved every second except the crazy chick behind me screaming “LET’S GO JV” every pitch. Trust me, Verlander couldn’t hear her but I could… And while Comerica Park is gorgeous I think the fences are a bit too deep. I was looking at the distances and realized center field is 430 feet, the lines 330 ft, and the gaps pushing 390+ ft. It’s so deep that Cabrera hit a bomb that was caught harmlessly on the warning track. The sad and chubby Cabrera had nothing to show for a moon shot and was left waddling back to the dugout.

And it remains deep despite the Tigers shortening the left field fence back in 2003. Now, I get the reasoning for the large outfield. When Comerica was built the Tiger’s had a terrible pitching staff so it was designed to protect them. Plus, they believed it would entice free agent pitchers to sign with the Tigers in later years… But every action has a reaction, and today the bats of Cabrera, Kinsler, Castellanos, Upton and Martinez are paying the price. Can you imagine Cabrera’s already HOF numbers if he played in Fenway or Yankee stadium? I bet 5 or more homers are stolen from him a year at Comerica.

Furthermore the game is a business, and business is good when balls are flying out of the park. (Case in point. The steroid popping homerun chase of 1998) Fact is people like action, chicks dig homers, and more runs are a good thing for baseball. I think it’s time for Comerica to entertain moving all of the fences in just a few more feet. Why not? It already has two of the deepest gaps in all of baseball. Plus centerfield and the lines aren’t far behind. – Overall Stadium rating: 7 Knuckles. A 7.8 to 8.2 is possible if they make it more hitter friendly.

The city backdrop of the stadium is incredible, the views and sightlines to the field are great, and the overall design is top notch. Plus they give you more than enough room in the concession area to loiter around. I have no real complaints at all. Only the fence suggestion…

Capture 2.PNG

Look at these guys in 1998 – How did no one question this right away.


PS: It’s great to have baseball back!

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