The Chicago Cubs Banner Raising Night Sucked

Last night the Cubs raised their World Series banner and unless you’re a diehard Cubs fan it sucked. First, rain postponed the game well into the night and it dropped to frigid temperatures. Sure, I was fine in my underwear while on my couch but the scene took a hit. Baseball is better in the warm

Secondly, if it took the Cubs more than 100+ years to win a World Series then their celebration rivaled that in terms of time. They dragged it out for a ridiculous 30 minutes of bullshit. They introduced the players, the coaches, the trainers, the GM’s, the owners….EVERYONE. And it was capped off with Julianna Zobrist (Ben’s wife) singing God Bless America. (Adorable) As if we didn’t hear enough about their title last year, or throughout the entire offseason.

Next, they had all the players climb into the bleachers to raise the flag with the fans. In theory it sounds cool but it was really just a pain in the ass as each player tried to take a  turn raising the flag.

And finally my biggest issue with all of it was the terrible music throughout. They just abruptly ended them. Suddenly and disgustingly. No cool fade in, or out, like I would do for our college parties or a 4th of July firework shows. Even the most amateur of amateurs understands that important detail. The only saving grace is that they once used the soundtrack from the greatest movie of all-time: “Rudy”

No fade around the 3:00 mark. And check out the bottom video of the Giants in 2014.

It was nothing like they did it in San Francisco. Look at Bumgarner horseback.

Now that’s how you do it. Make it a party. Not some emotional life or death feeling…


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