Creed is one emotional ass movie…jesus


I’m sitting here with some time off work. “Creed” is incredible. I wrote an article awhile back about Ted and Stink to take up boxing? here I am again watching this movie. Every little line is cutting at the heartstrings. Holy hell, Its getting dusty as a mother fucker here in the basement. I about lost it a few times but held strong. Michael B. Jordan is jacked. Ted and I really do need to hit the boxing gym and cut our selves up.

Here’s one thing I didn’t mention last time about Creed, Tessa Thompson, who plays opposite of Michael B. Jordan is sexy as hell in the movie. I love me some african american thick hunnies. Thompson is actually a new character in that Thor: Ragnarok movie I wrote on yesterday, as “Valkyrie”. Check her out!

Moving on though, Creed was based off all those Rocky Movies, and now there’s a movie explaining what Rocky was based off.

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