The Minnesota Timberwolves New Logo Is Incredible & Twitter Is Dumb

The new Minnesota Timberwolves logo is absolute fire! I usually cringe with the changing of logos but this thing is clean and the color combination is perfect. I’ve always been a fan of the Seahawks and Timberwolves options. And with this logo they capture it perfectly.


Much better than their current logo: The Wolf looks to be sitting on a shitter at Applebee’s and constipated below.

Capture 2.PNG

And of course, Twitter reacted to the logo change like only twitter could.

Capture 5.PNG

If by the same colors that would be correct. But nothing else is even remotely similar. One is a dildo shaped bird and the other is a majestic ass mountain dog.

Capture 6.PNG

If they look similar because they’re both a dog than you would be right… But dogs look like dogs… My dog looks a lot like the neighbors. What do you expect?

In my opinion this was a homerun change.


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