After Inspiration From Vacation We Pulled The Trigger & Bought a Palm Tree!

That’s right! We’re back and we’re refreshed. So much so that J-Hoe finally pulled the trigger on his long desired palm tree for our backyard. This cute and adorable 2 foot bundle of joy should be delivered in the coming days.

Now, I know many of you are thinking… *How can you have a palm tree in Ohio!? You crazy assholes*

Well, that’s just it. J-Hoe has done some extensive research and apparently a few types of Palm Trees can endure the Ohio winters and the Windmill Palm was our selection. See her stats below.

Capture 5.PNG

So now the pool is open (as of yesterday) and a Palm Tree is en route. The backyard will pretty much be an oasis so feel free to come on by.

Read up on our newest addition here: My Palm Tree

When you have a dream you don’t just quit. You strive for it! Live from the conference room of Cheeseknuckles Corp.

Like Clark but only better. We wont be freezing our asses off!

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