Texas A&M WR Dismissed From Team After Exposing Himself TWICE In 24 Hours

Wide receiver Kirk Merritt has been dismissed from the Texas A&M football team, according to an athletic department spokesman who confirmed Merritt no longer is listed on the Aggies roster.

Merritt had exposed his genitals to two athletic department tutors in private sessions in about a 24-hour span in the Bright Football Complex last October, and later admitted to as much. His attorney cited a “bad case of jock itch” as Merritt’s defense. LINK

I don’t even have to write much. That above says it all… But the jock itch must have been one of the worst cases mankind has ever encountered. So bad that he was breeze dangling it for relief.

And yes, what he did was absolutely terrible but there’s a small silver lining for Texas A&M. At least he was with tutors. Unlike UNC, he was apparently taking his education very serious.

Also, what a fucking creep… Look a the poor victim’s quote.

“It was almost like I wasn’t there, until I got nervous and started to pack up and leave,” one of the victims told the Chronicle earlier this month. “Then (Merritt) just stared at me, which was disconcerting, and made me want to leave even more.”

So this guy was just standing there with his trousers down staring at this poor lady while trying to treat his jock-itch… Yeah, OK.


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