The Browns Draft Strategy Should Be Like Trying To Hook Up With Girls At A Bar

I’m not expecting much. Years of shit have set the bar of expectation extremely low – But the strategy from the Browns needs to follow one simple path this year. NO MORE “MOVING BACK” or trading away picks. Enough already! For years they have stock piled selections like an 8 year old from the 90’s saving pogs.

For this draft I hope to see the Browns make a pick with every single slot they have available. It’s time to build the roster and load it with as many options as they can.


As it stands the roster absolutely sucks so the strategy should be about funneling as many new bodies through the training camp as possible. It’s a numbers game. Like trying to hook up with girls at the bar. Many won’t land but if you ask enough, one is bound to say yes and hop in an Uber with you. However, in the Browns case I can’t see any of these draft hopefuls excited about sharing an Uber with the Browns franchise. Luckily for the Browns, the poor draft picks don’t have a choice on the matter… (And this all of a sudden feels terribly wrong. Like the BROWNS will have roofied all of our picks) The whole draft thing is so cruel and unfair to the players if you really think about it. No choices whatsoever.

Also – if they take Trubisky over Garrett at #1 it will blow my mind. Although that wouldn’t be unlike the Browns…. They can take Garrett and also get a quality QB at the #12 slot. To me, Trubisky sounds like a Neanderthal in interviews. Like a far less talented and likeable Gronk.

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