Ryan Seacrest To Co-Host Live With Kelly & Ryan – Also, What Happened To His Idol Co-host Ryan Dunkleman?

Ryan Seacrest joined Live with Kelly and Ryan earlier today in a surprise revealing. This doesn’t fit into my area of entertainment but nevertheless its pretty big news.

By all accounts Kelly Rippa is a real handful to work with, and my takeaway is that Ryan is a cocky star himself, so I expect this to result in some fireworks down the road. Two alpha’s sharing the stage is not good. Hell, not even tough guy Michael Strahan could handle her.

With that being said I’ve always liked Ryan Seacrest. He’s that nerdy dude from the office that you find yourself respecting even though you probably shouldn’t. Goofy and friends with all the ladies, but man enough to enjoy a few beers with… Off camera, I bet he’s a lot like  Neil Patrick Harris in the movie Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. Just a total savage and asshole.

I also always think about Brian Dunkleman whenever I see Ryan Seacrest. He was the co-host on the first season on American Idol Season. After that season he was cut and only Ryan remained. That poor son of a bitch. Today Ryan is a star and according to Wikipedia, Dunkleman is  does stand up regularly in Los Angeles at the Laugh Factory and The Improv, and he makes regular appearances as the host of Family Feud Live in Las Vegas and Atlantic City for Fremantle Media.


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