Tallboyz – Volleyball Season 2 Updates

Last year you followed the true story of four good friends, picked to play on a sand volleyball court, work together and have their games reviewed, to find out what happens when people stop being polite… and start getting real!”

No, not really. I actually just wrote about our sand volleyball summer season and it was a total disaster. J-Hoe, myself, and two buddies formed a team that’s formally known as the Tallboyz. Our stats – We’re 4 half-way athletic guys standing at or below 6 foot tall, that frankly get their asses kicked by a handful of former college volleyball players. For years its been depressing. Especially when DIV I chicks throw spikes down on us with regularity.

Last year for example we finished: 8-22 Overall : 1-9 in series – Which is obviously super shitty. So of course this year we’re hoping for improvement… and improve we have!

Last Tuesday things started out bleak once again as we dropped all 3 games and finished 0-3 & 0-1 in series to start the season. Pathetic and ready for a groundhogs day year, I found myself depressed…

Then it happened! Last night we went 2-1 overall and TOOK THE SERIES. In two dramatic overtime matchups we won! So today, our record currently stands at 2-4 overall and 1-1 in series.

Will it continue? I truly believe so. Our volleyball scheme and formations might lack but but we hustle our asses off. It’s all we know. On two separate occasions last night, the other team commented – “Did these guys drink super beers before we played” and “God damn are they scrappy.” I kid you not, if you’re within 20 yards of the court you and your ACL’s are not safe. We fly around like savages lacking technical understanding of the game but total determination. We know our limitations and grind out wins as there’s a direct correlation between our effort and our record. We can’t  play relaxed and we don’t plan too.

Furthermore, I think this might be the final peak of my athletic abilities. Last night, with sand in my ass I  climbed in the hot tub for a soak. These legs just aren’t what they used to be.

So until next week! We are .500 bitches.

A live look at us practicing. (That midget Tom Cruise can spike!)


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