The Golden State Warriors Are Good & Lucky

Over the last three seasons the Golden State Warriors have displayed one of the best offenses we’ve ever seen in the NBA, to go along with some pretty solid defense as well. And to make matters even worse for opponents, they’ve also been one of the luckiest teams over those same three seasons.

Eight of the last eleven Warriors’ playoff opponents have had injured starters. Yep, you read that right. Typically, the injury bug is something to be feared as it usually hurts your own team. However, for the Warriors the injury bug is welcomed as it seems to bite everyone except them. Upon arrival the teams they face are usually stuck chasing them around with a limp and a cane.

The only teams at full strength that Golden State defeated in the last 3 years were Kevin Durant’s OKC Thunder (Now with the Warriors – Hmmm) in 2016, the Portland Trailblazers at the 2016 West Semifinals and the Houston Rockets at the 2016 West Quarterfinals.

And of course, I highlight this phenomenon because the Warriors will now face San Antonio without Tony Parker or Kawhi Leonard… A situation that’s total bullshit and not even as lucky as the 2015 Finals when they faced the Cavs WITHOUT Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving. Just think about that for one second. No Kyrie or Kevin Love was a stroke of fortune that most teams only dream of, but no, they’ve enjoyed depleted rosters every single round of every single season.

At this point I pray the Cavs stay healthy against the Celtics. Its as if the Warriors made a deal with the devil and everyone they could face is susceptible to injury. Maybe Kerr’s back injury was the price to pay for this stroke of luck?

With all of this in mind it also makes you wonder about their 2015 title. Would Curry and that asshole Draymond even have a ring if the Cavs were at full strength? Hell no! I say absolutely not!




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