Celtics Will Keep This Series Close Against The Cavs

I hope I’m wrong but my gut tells me this series will actually be closer than people think and typically my gut is right, especially after devouring Sabra dip and pita chips on my lunch break… Those usually tune me right up.

Now, I’m not saying the Celtics will win, I just expect a 6 or 7 game series with 2-3 of the games coming down to the final few minutes for a decided winner. Fact is, the Celtics are coming off a highly emotional series win against the Wizards, they have momentum, and also home court throughout against the Cavs.

These Celtics have also proven to be a different team at home, which worries me for the first two games. Plus, the Cavs have been busy filming workout dance videos while waiting to play so I’d expect game one to be very tight as a result. You just can’t simulate 5 on 5 playoff basketball in hostile territory. If game one goes to the Celtics, pressure mounts on the Cavs and things tighten up. Right now the Celtics are playing with house money. A team with nothing to lose is dangerous.

For all the loyal Cavs fans, buckle up – I have a feeling this might be a hell of a ride.

Let’s hope for more of this from Lebron.


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