Ohio Education At Its Finest – High School Kids Pepper Sprayed

A group of teens willingly stood against a wall and got a dose of pepper spray to the face as a part of a criminal technology course at Barberton High School in Ohio. Parents of the students signed off.


That cop and instructor are having the time of their fucking lives. For years they’ve been unsuccessfully trying to bust privileged white kid Homecoming shenanigans. And today, their frustration was finally released when they got to point blank spray the shit out of those toilet paper tossing assholes. Sure, maybe they weren’t the actual trouble makers, but for the police force, its the symbolism that counts.

I guarantee the captains head hit the pillow extra soft later that night. Probably even told his old lady all about it over a nice steak dinner.

It must have also felt really good to hurt someone without fear of getting in trouble for it…

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