Its Time For Baseball To Embrace Fighting Just Like Hockey Does

Last night a fastball caused some displeasure in the Dodgers/Giants game. Yasmani Grandal was upset with Johnny Cueto’s high and tight 94 mph fastball. In the end, when Grandal flew out, Grandal continued to shout at Cueto as he went up the line. That escalated into a bench-clearing argument. Another great part is Kershaw just avoiding the whole thing. He comes from the bottom left and heads to the mound. Looks just like Uncle Stink in a fight – leaving.

My annoyance – I’m tired of bench clearing arguments. It’s time for baseball to drop the glove (Keep the bat. That’s exciting in a fight) and start swinging at one another. All across the league teams argue in a pathetic “he said, she said” bitch fest. I’m sick of it! We’re left with grown ass men yelling at one another in matching uniforms – which is ridiculous when you think about it. Baseball needs more all out brawls to settle disputes.

Instead, they complain and shout. Earlier this season the Orioles and the Red Sox spent a good 3-4 games going back and forth, beaming one another and pointing the finger. It was exhausting to watch. If benches would have brawled night one, everything would have settled much sooner. Like a couple of alpha lions in Africa.

Holding that rage in is dangerous. Players are better off wrestling around for a good few minutes and clearing their systems… Like hockey, fights are used to settle scores, prove a point of displeasure, and clear the air. Guys in hockey swing for 30 seconds, bloody one another up, serve five minutes, and move on…

It’s time for baseball to embrace the same philosophy. Let’s hold GRASS Matches! And no suspensions to follow… Make each player sit for an inning or two if you must, but don’t be a bitch about it, Rob Manfred.

This is what I want

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