New City Fans Are The Worst

I can’t stand a lot of things, and a lot of people…

But the worst types of people are “New City Fans” – People who move to a city and within weeks, months, or a few short years, act like loyal, diehard, devout fans by embracing the successful sports teams as their own.

It’s not that easy – Grown men and women of those cities have often spent generations living and cheering for THEIR team. It takes years of misery and dedication to call a team your own. Not a simple change of address.

We saw this happen in Chicago when the Cubs won the World Series. I actually know of  “Indians” fans who had recently moved to Chicago that danced in the streets of Wrigleyville and waved that bullshit “W” from their balconies. After 100+ years without winning, these assholes called the World Series their own, despite only having to wait a short time. It’s cheating, it’s unfair, it’s not right. Chicago Grandmas wept as 88 years of patience finally paid off. Meanwhile, newbies were celebrating their dreadful year long wait as a Indians Cubs fan.

Today, we see it with the Nashville Predators. As they are headed to the Stanley Cup, loads of “loyal” Predators fans are amongst us. From famous Country singers to new Nashville residents, Preds fever is real. And before this playoff’s I don’t think the Nashville Predators had more than 5 fans in the entire world. I honestly forgot they even existed…

And why does this bother me? I’m a Notre Dame fan (yes, they are from Indiana) but I’m a good Catholic boy so I can claim them as my own. Ever since the moment I entered this world I’ve rooted for them, or in most cases, bitched and moaned about them… But should they ever win, I’ll be damned if any newbies hop on the glory train. I’ve been riding this bitch for a long time, earning my stripes, living in anguish, and unless you’ve been along for the ride… stay away from the god damn tracks.

Know your lane – Lavar Ball.

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