Two Chicks At The Same Time Leads To Arrests For A Poor Trio

A 30-year-old man and two women aged 19 and 26 have been arrested in Kiln, Mississippi, for having a threesome  in public.

They were caught on the large deck outside Triple D’s Landing, which was closed at the time, by the bar’s owner on Wednesday.

Sheriff Ricky Adam told the Star Telegram that both the owner saw the trio engaging in sex, ‘Right there. In the middle of the day. In broad daylight. In front of God and everybody – DailyMail

First, good for this guy. It’s not everyday that a gentleman is able to score to chicks at the same time. As the great “Lawrence” so eloquently stated –

This isn’t some easy accomplishment like the porn industry would lead you to believe. Lawrence was willing to spend a million dollars on it, so to blame this fella is impossible.

Also, who wouldn’t have sex on the back deck of a bar called “Triple D’s”? The joint is asking for it. Anything named Triple D’s in Mississippi is a prime location. And for the sheriff to pull god into this story – Shame on him. God witnesses each and everyone of us bumping uglies. It doesn’t matter if its at home, on a deck, a porta-potty, or Triple D’s – The dude is watching. Even you Mr. Sheriff.



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