WWE Smackdown – Toledo Review

We attended the WWE Smackdown show in Toledo last night and it was a blast. I know nothing about wrestling but it was entertaining and hilarious. Diehard fans throughout the arena were taking part in chants, screaming, and losing their collective minds over these matches as if it was all real. Myself, and the rest of our crew sat in a suite with cold beers and watched all of this in amazement.

And its hard to blame the big time fans for their excitment. Just look at some of this footage…​


  • It was pure entertainment. If you’ve never been,  please go. The lighting, the storylines, the stages, the pyrotechnics, and the people will be worth the price of admission. It was better people watching than Wal-Mart or Cedar Point.
  • If you let yourself embrace the moment for what it is (Fake fighting), its a ton of fun. You can’t go into this with negative expectations. I allowed myself to dive in and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.
  • I love Shinsuke Nakamura (Below) A FIRE intro. The whole arena was hooting and hollering during this intro.

The BAD:

  • The acting is so terrible that it almost qualifies as good. Like a car crash, I couldn’t look away. Besides, most guys my age won’t mind the acting. We’ve grown up during the online porn era. We’ve been conditioned to see through piss poor acting for the good of the overall experience.
  • The fighting in person looks worse than on TV. On TV, angles and shaky camera work helps hide the missed punches and kicks. In person, no smoke or mirrors can hide even the worst attempts.
  • It was in Toledo. I love Toledo but it felt like the WWE used Toledo to further promote storylines that will be settled (fought) in bigger cities. We got stuck watching the lesser foes battle it out, while every big match was discussed and promoted through character conversation.

Overall takeaway – Go if you can. Don’t change any plans to make it but if you’re free, it’s worth it.

More footage

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