Bryce Harper & His Hair Throws Punches At Hunter Strickland

Finally, a baseball brawl the right way, and of course a favorite of mine, Bryce Harper handled it perfectly.

Last week I wrote an article about the need for baseball and the players to bring back the brawl to settle disputes, clear bad blood, and move on. Thankfully, Harper did just that on Memorial Day.

Big pussy Hunter Strickland intentionally threw a 95+ mph fastball at Harper because of  an old incident that stems back to the 2014 postseason. Like a high school girl in a war of words, Strickland pathetically can’t seem to move on despite winning the World Series that season. After getting hit, Harper rightfully defended himself by throwing the only option he had…his fist. And you can’t blame a guy for defending himself, especially when batters are so vulnerable.

Hell, maybe each batter should stuff a baseball in their back pocket to chuck back at the pitcher when drilled because right now the whole thing seems unfair. Harper referred to the baseball as a weapon and I can’t disagree with that take.

Moving forward it sounds like Harper is over the entire thing. Let’s just hope Strickland can move on as well because Harper seems to be consuming a lot of his time.

If not, the man with the greatest hair in baseball might literally kill him next time.

Harper says all the right things in his post game interview.

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