Kathy Griffin Is A Dumbass Who Looks Like The Burglar In Pulp Fiction

Kathy Griffin is a fucking idiot and it needs to be addressed.

You be the judge…


During an entire photoshoot how does one not think *Hmm maybe holding a model of the Presidents decapitated blood soaked head is inappropriate* especially in light of ISIS and the current world we live in?

You don’t have to like Trump, but do this to anyone, let alone the President of the United States is absolutely disgusting. And sure, she’s a comedian, but there’s a line that even comedians shouldn’t cross. In this case Kathy Griffin leaped over that line like the cocky ass celebrity she is. Hell, not even Saturday Night Live would come close to subject matter this distasteful. In fact, I bet SNL actually makes fun of Kathy Griffin’s stupidity at one point or another.

In general, when will it stop? From Madonna shouting to blow up the White House, or Ashley Judd calling him Hitler, or Snoop Dogg pointing a gun at him in a music video, we’ve hit a point where celebrities just can’t stand someone disagreeing and their reactions have turned vile. People are fired on college campuses for much less these days. Like tweets that threaten social justice warriors or pansy ass safe zones, yet images like the one above often provide a turned head. Hopefully its not the case this time around.

Although, I guess it’s nice that Kathy Griffin offered an apology…


No shit – You also look like the chick from Pulp Fiction.




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