Shaq’s Feet Actually Frighten Me

I know Shaq has big feet. That’s a given. But seeing them in this video makes it real, and actually freaks me out. Sorta like the first time I saw those massive Wind Turbines off in the distance. It was eerie. And this poor lady. This is the equivalent of scrubbing 4 normal feet for the price of one. I doubt the cost is decided by the size, but who knows, I don’t get my feet scrubbed daily.

Still, of course, no complaints from this lady. Asia folk will grind regardless. Even while Shaq wiggles his toes like a cocky asshole taunting her.

It also looks like those “to scale” images you see in science books. The ladies small hand  really puts it in perspective… And so many dick jokes could be made here. But that’s just soft toss so Ill let you make them yourself.

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