Mr. Met Is The Most Bad Boy Mascot Of Them All

Some mascots are creepy, others are cool, and Mr. Met is a bad-boy. You know the dude has some demons. (Just look at that grin) And he recently showed his bad-boy side by flipping off a camera at the Mets game. Like Danny in Grease – Don’t mess…


The Mets statement – “We apologize for the inappropriate action of this employee” – But listen here. I don’t blame the employee. This is no different than Spider-Man or Batman putting on the suit. The moment that happens you take on the character. And just look at that asshole. And yes, he’s an asshole. Mr. Met looks like the type of mascot the other mascot parents don’t want their children hanging out with. The kid that hides 1970 bushy pussy playboys under his bead. Or a pack of smokes in the air duct at 12, or lights bags of shit on fire past curfew.


There’s no telling what he will do next… and the best part, since this incident Mr. Met has been nowhere to be found.

Probably holed up in timeout busy planning more bad-boy antics. He’s the kind of guy Mudonna from the Mud Hens would totally go for.

So sure, you can punish the employee but it wasn’t him. It was the suit.

Here’s some other bad boy mascots. PS: (Brutus is a total bitch here)

Personally, I think the Duck comes off as a huge pansy as well… but here he tries to be cool. This is totally staged. Like WWE.

The colt and the Broncos mascot are tough. Must be horse thing.


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