Predators Mayor Excuses Nashville Out Of Work

Down 0-2, The Nashville Predators have fought back to even the series with the Penguins (Which is also a good sign for the Cavs. Keep the faith) In doing so, the Mayor of Nashville tweeted out the below letter of work excuse to the Predator fans.


And this is how you get re-elected in America. Policies are forgotten, but supporting the team and excusing people from work is remembered. In all seriousness – this will be considered when votes are tallied should she run again. Job creation my ass. No work for all!

Oh, did I mention she’s also pretty good looking for a mayor? No, she’s not celebrity hot but for a politician, that’s what I’m talking about. It’s all relative, and politically speaking, she’s a babe who loves sports. That will chub me every single time.



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