The Warriors Broke Me & The Game

In the infamous words of Kathy Griffin “He broke me“… or better yet “they broke me” and “they broke basketball.” The Warriors did it, they cracked the code and defeated the game. No different than using the cheat code Rosebud in the computer game The Sims (Unlimited money). It’s not even fun to watch anymore, as they toss up three after three. Hell, the warriors could punt the ball from half court and I would fully expect that shit to go in… So what’s next?

Unless the NBA allows more physical defense or more defensive hand checking I don’t expect this to stop. Today’s game is predicated on speed and finesse which lends right into the Warriors strengths. Curry looks like a high school PG all hoped up on Mt. Dew, and you can’t touch his ass without the blow of a whistle. As a result we’re left with a superstar team full of long distance shooters with more than enough room to operate.

And thankfully, as I stated yesterday I only watched 3 minutes and went to bed. When I woke up I checked twitter and saw – a loss. And I’m glad I didn’t witness the dagger Durant three, or the awful 4th quarter. It sounded like a scene of frustration from hell. Nope, I ran my sprinklers and slept to the backdrop of the Discovery show, Alaskan Bush People. And guess what? Nobody loss. It was pleasant.

PS: Judging from the box score – Tristan Thompson was the biggest waste of money ever.

Me this morning while thinking about the game during my shower.


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