Ariel Winter’s Mom Hits Back At Her Half Nude Pictures

We at corporate have been all over this Alex Dunphy (Ariel Winter) half naked lifestyle for quite some time. This isn’t a new story, and Ariel has been an outspoken advocate for positive body image for quite some time…

But it appears Ariel Winter’s estranged mom, Chrystal Workman is not happy with the behavior of her daughter stating “Ariel is smart, beautiful and talented. She is a legitimate actress. She does not need to do this. She is beautiful with her clothes on.” – And I for one have to agree… I’m perfectly fine with her rump exposed for viewing pleasure but let’s call this what it is. It’s about flaunting those curves for clicks. While I do appreciate and respect her confidence, if that was my child, I think I’d be a little upset as well. You know how many creeps like myself are re-posting these things? I understand the advocacy portion, but that can be done tastefully… Not in a pop lock it drop it hello kitty position like above… And maybe I’m just struggling because her Modern Family character is so smart, and innocent. A real clash going on mentally for me.

Ariel responded to her mother:

Capture.PNGAriel was released from her mom’s care in 2015 after accusing her of physically and emotionally abusing her so I don’t see this saga ending anytime soon. Until then, I feel like we’ll continue to see more of these images.



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