My Final Thoughts On The NBA Finals

Despite my overall anxiety and annoyance with the Finals, I did watch bits and pieces and my takeaway is nothing but frustration. I’m frustrated with basketball, the Warriors, Durant, Lebron’s piss poor free throw shooting, and the refs.

  1. Basketball is a flawed game filled with objective calls that are essentially the same as football’s pass interference penalty every single possession. I don’t think the NBA is built for the technology of 2017. Slow motion and replay detail every blown call. And on top of that, we get to see EVERY SINGLE PLAYER complain on loop. Foul or no foul, arms are raised and players act like the referee just killed their family.
  2. The Warriors are the devil in my opinion. I hate them with every ounce of my soul. Are they incredible? Yes. Are they annoying? Absolutely. I can’t stand how efficient they are. As I said last week, they broke the game of basketball and unlocked all the cheat codes…  The 2017 Warriors are the greatest team we have ever seen. PERIOD. And unless teams can be more physical, this won’t change.
  3. Good for Durant getting a title – But what a bitch way to achieve it. And yes, Lebron went to the heat but it wasn’t the quite the same. Durant left OKC (who was loaded as well) and ran off to join the Warriors who won a record number of games in 2016… The below tweet also doesn’t help his cause. Twitter is coming back to bite his ass in the same way it buries Donald Trump each and every day.

Capture.PNG4. Lebron James absolutely sucks ass at shooting free throws. Holy hell! I love the guy but Jesus Christ. He’s been in the league since 2003 and its pitiful. All offseason he needs to stand at the line and work on it. I’m better in the backyard. It’s not that hard. The line hasn’t changed his entire career and no one is guarding you. And maybe he should work on a consistent pre-shot routine. Like a golfer, consistency is the key. Instead, Lebron changes his rhythm up with regularity. It makes me throw up in my mouth.

5. This was a terribly officiated FINALS. And I’m not saying any one team was robbed. It was terrible both ways. The refs were inconsistent, lost control of the games, and made fools of themselves with some of the technical call monitor reviews. That Kevin Love technical in game 4 was an absolute joke and a microcosm of the entire series. I’m sure teams from the 80’s and 90’s were laughing their asses off. No way this should be a technical in the NBA Finals.

Honorable mention bitches: The Cavs supporting cast, Draymond Green (A Given), Curry Dancing, Curry chewing his mouth guard, Durant’s mom constantly on TV, Tristan Thompson getting paid 80 million dollars.

PS: Lebron James was and still remains on another level. He was nothing short of great in that Finals.



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