Warriors Unanimously Decline White House Visit – Per Reports

Man, I just don’t get this stuff. Sure, it’s your right to skip but I personally don’t understand it. I would go to the White House regardless, even if I hated the President. I mean, it’s the White House and it’s the President! I’m sure plenty of players over the years have attended despite there being an administrations they don’t agree with. Its been a sporting tradition for years, and not going doesn’t solve a damn thing in my opinion. Just another attention grabbing SJW headline. And another reason for me to dislike the Warriors.

Oh, I also love this response from Marty Smith when ESPN tried pushing the political meter once again during Clemson’s visit.

Seriously – Its a free day in DC. Place has great food and hot girls everywhere in sundresses. Just go and enjoy the day off. Who gives a shit about the politics of it. 

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