Warning: Tugger & Lou Pool Party Issue

Everyone knows we have arguably the two cutest dogs in the world. Over the past year I’ve been showing them off while others have showered them with praise… I mean, you can’t argue otherwise…

And then it happened. On Wednesday I had to take them to the groomer for a haircut. You see, these doodles basically get dreadlocks over time so a trim was much needed. Everything was expected to be a basic cut, a little off here, a little trimmed there, nothing major…Until we found out they were so matted that the only option was to shave them entirely.

And unfortunately, we now have what looks like two monster albino rats running around the backyard. So don’t be alarmed when you show up. See for yourself…

Do I love them regardless? Yes… Do I love them as much? Not quite… I’ve always said my biggest fear in life is having ugly children because I’ll know it and I’ll hate it. When these two came trotting out of the barber I shielded my eyes and QUICKLY escorted them to the car in hopes I wouldn’t be seen in public. Thankfully it will grow back, but this is the exact reason a buzz cut for people is often a bad idea.

PS: Lou looks a little better (Right side) because he wasn’t as matted up. Poor Tugger (Left side) was trimmed entirely. The only thing left is a beard.

PSS: They still have kick ass personalities…


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