Brooks Koepka Wins the US Open & Doesn’t Seem To Like His Girlfriend

What a boring US Open. No big names at the top (besides Rickie, but he slid late) and the course was far too easy for a US Open. I enjoy seeing pros struggle and winning scores somewhere around -3. Not -16.

Also, Bruce Koepka didn’t seem all that excited when his girlfriend, Jena Sims, rushed up for a hug and kiss after winning. See below. Koepka hugs all the dudes in his life with far more passion and romance. He’s quickly seen pulling away for the man behind her.

The other great part is Fox mixing up his current girlfriend with his ex. Koepka – my man! So many ladies that the announcers can’t even keep them straight. And just wait, after winning the US Open I bet we see a few more cycle through his life. Especially when you consider his good buddy is Dustin Johnson.

He also won 2.16 million dollars. Not bad for a 27 year old… Why can’t I be better at golf? Look at Rory’s tweet earlier this week.



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