Has Ohio State Fandom Lost Its Edge?


When one gets asked to watch a friend’s house, it’s sort of an unwritten rule not to make any major changes to the house.

Ohio State graduate and fan Ty Higgins didn’t make any drastic changes to his buddy’s house, but he did leave his mark. As Higgins explained in a Facebook post, his out-of-town friend is a Michigan fan.

So when Higgins mowed the lawn, he left a little script O-H-I-O for him in his backyard lawn 


Weak sauce! This is a pathetic attempt, coming from an OSU fan. A real OSU fan would have dumped gasoline on his yard and burned the script Ohio in a blaze of glory with middle fingers to the sky. Hell, a real OSU fan would have probably burned that dudes house to the ground and pissed on the ashes. Have OSU fans lost their edge? I expect vandalism and outright criminal behavior from a majority of them. Not this… This will grow back. This is a Michigan move…

Step it up Buckeye nation. Get back to your glory days.





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