Steve Carell’s Sexy Picture Makes Him A Fraud – Hairline

This picture of Steve Carell is making its rounds and soaking panties. Seriously, I can admit it, the guy looks like some middle aged Cialis commercial model right here. Stunning.


He’s also a total lie and a fraud… What do I mean? Steve Carell, like many celebrities had one of the greatest hair transplants I’ve ever seen pulled off. Look at his hairline during the first season of The Office. Dude’s hair was rushing out like the ocean during low tide. Then BAM, perfect!

I’ve been following his hairline for years and I can assure you it’s totally fake. Like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, or Mark McGuire, people don’t just get more attractive or bigger or better late in their careers. No, its bullshit. And it’s mainly bullshit because that kind of hair surgery is probably ridiculously expensive. Like a perfect set of fake tits… Not everyone can afford to pull off Steve’s look.

So, though I respect the mans recent looks, lets remember to keep it all in perspective.

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