What Does Tiger’s Ex, Elin Look Like These Days?

With all continuous fallout from Tiger Woods, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look at his ex wife, Elin, you know, the one that beat his ass and destroyed the greatest athletic career we’ve ever seen in our lives…

And although Tiger has seemingly hit rock bottom, I can’t really same the same for Elin. The woman seems to have hit her stride. Like I’ve often said, many people become their best self after a divorce…

None of those Perkins chicks came close to this… And for that, shame on Tiger. An invigorating 30 seconds busting a nut aren’t worth the last 10 years of miserable failure. And on top of her good looks, Elin is dating billionaire Chris Cline. Not to mention the 100$ million dollar divorce settlement from Tiger.

Oh, she also earned her college degree in 2014 and gave the commencement speech.

PS: What did she actually do to give that speech? Her claim to fame was Tiger. Oprah gives that type of speech. Or Michelle Obama.



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