Motorized Hovering Surf Board Looks Bad Ass

Now we’re talking! I’ve always wanted to try surfing but a few things worry me about it. 1) Sharks. Who wouldn’t be worried about sharks while floating like a seal in the exposed ocean?  And thankfully with this new surf board I can surf  safely in shark free waters. Maybe even a big enough pool. 2) Huge waves throwing me into some coral reef and slicing me up – And again, I can avoid any such waves with this bad boy. 3) Getting wet – I’m not always interested in getting wet. This board, with enough skill, looks like I can avoid getting wet and even surf with a t-shirt on.

Now, let’s see if they are actually affordable, practical, and available. You always see this shit posted on YouTube or Facebook, only to never see it again. Like the hovering drone camera, “Lily”. What the hell happened with that? I expected to see these things flying all over the place. At football games, for a stroll downtown, or a cookout. Typically, these are just teaser products.

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