Notre Dame Stadium Renovations Are Almost Done – Finally!

Back in 2014 Notre Dame announced a massive stadium renovation that totaled $400 million dollars. (Project) As a fan I’ve welcomed all the changes, including the ribbon boarding, and especially the new Jumbo Tron centered perfectly for Touchdown Jesus’s viewing pleasure. And more importantly, I’ve loved reading about all the nut jobs over at losing their collective minds over the changes. As if a big screen is the end of the world.

I also see myself as the virtual foreman of this project, as I check in daily with the progress through the link below, which provides webcam views and different angles. It’s pretty interesting. My Construction Cam – Also great for keeping an eye on the guys to make sure we stay on track.


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In total the new renovations include ribbon boarding, a new visitor tunnel (that won’t fit a wheelchair), improved Wifi, restrooms, concession, locker room, and concourse areas. And the biggest additions are the two club seating sections and the highly debated TV screen.


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Here is what the final project should look like for the first game against Georgia. A game in which I plan on tailgating for, but not attending, as tickets will probably cost an arm and a leg. Although I do plan on getting to one game next season. I haven’t been in the stadium in two years, just patiently waiting for the construction to end.

And finally – When will the college football arm’s race end? It’s insane what these colleges are now building. Hopefully this will help ND win a few more games. Last year was a tough few months. But you heard it hear first… 9-10 wins this season.

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