I Officially Hate Brett Favre

Capture 1.PNGYou can love him but I hate him. Go ahead, act like Brett’s a true gun slinging, Levi wearing, All-American man. For me, I can no longer stand him. The dude just straddles the fucking fence with everything in life. Retire…NOT… Coach/GM… Maybe? Come back again… “I think I could.” Want to return to Green Bay? – Depends… Pick a fucking lane, Brett.

A man who can’t make up his mind is the worst. We already deal with indecision daily from our women… Where to eat, what temperature for the air conditioning, what channel? It never ends. The last thing we need is a one time Football legend playing the same god damn games.

Brett has turned into nothing more than one attention starved publicity stunt after another and it must stop. Play the game of life like you played the game of football. Fire that fucking pigskin. No second guessing. See your target and let it fly. That’s what made you so beloved, and the opposite is what’s driving me to hate your guts… And I can live with the dick pic you sent. Whatever, man. Just tell the truth.

If I asked the guy below a question – He would have an immediate yes or no answer.

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