National Handshake Day Can Be Confusing – Bad Handshakes

Shaking hands can be very difficult. At what point in life does one transition from the “Bro shake” to the formal “adult shake”? How long do you grasp the other guys hand? I’m white, he’s black! Did our hands interlock correctly or did the fingers cross? How long do I make eye-contact before shit gets weird? For this very reason I could never be President..

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These are all scenarios and questions that rush through a guys head in a matter of seconds

So when it comes to handshakes I give women credit. For the most part women have two approaches. A hug, or a formal shake. They don’t experiment with dabs, bro fives, or knuckle knocks. It’s just option 1 or 2.

In high school and college it was easy. You formally shook hands with any adults and leaned in for the clap to finger lock (if that’s what you call it) for any peers. Cut and dry. But now things are tough. In your mid to late 20’s I find myself stuck in a confusing middle ground. I still shake hands with “adults” but how do I handle my friends, or current college aged students? What option should I go with?

In the end I think the key is to pick a style with confidence. (Unlike Brett Favre) If you want formal, reach out and hang on. If you want cool and youthful, approach with a smile and easy going body language. Because trust me, nothing is worse than one guy doing one thing, while the other guy does another. Awkward as hell. 

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  1. Ali is the single most beautiful woman I’ve seen in Florida. So pretty… breathtakingly gorgeous!


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