Judging From This Clip, Connor McGregor Is Going To Get His Ass Beat By Mayweather

I understand it’s only training but this clips does not look good for McGregor. Personally, I HATE Floyd because his defensive boxing style makes for boring fights. I hope like hell that McGregor can catch him one time and plant his ass to the floor but realistically it’s not going to happen.

This fight will be long, slow, and annoying to watch. It will be even worse than the Pacquiao fight. Jab, dodge, jab, duck. Over and over again as Floyd pulls in points like Sonic the Hedgehog gathering coins. By the end McGregor will be exhausted and totally out of form and technique, leaving no chance at his only possible win…A lucky knockout.

Oh, I also love the twitter handles name.

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  1. Can’t compare those videos as if it to show you anything … Would be like comparing high knees through the ropes to running through the blaster.


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