As of two weeks ago I am a new resident of Downtown Toledo, OH. We all grew up in the suburbs of Toledo and until recently have only ventured downtown occasionally. But I've gotta say, Toledo is on the up an up and we've been relishing in it these last two weeks. The Blarney, Table... Continue Reading →

10 days of Stone Age

Tuesday, February 16th @ 1:00 pm, I got my life back. 10 days without Internet. No Netflix, no video games, no cheeseknuckles, porn that has to buffer because your phone is on a 3G network. Do you know how hard, boring and awful life is without Internet for 10 days. Bufferring, do you remember buffering?... Continue Reading →

The next National Holiday

No I'm not talking about Valentine's Day or any other bullshit Hallmark holiday. Let's take a second and think about what America should turn to for the next National holiday. And I'm not talking about a day we recognize but still go to work, school, etc. I mean lets really do this. Banks closed, schools... Continue Reading →

A 10, a motherfuckin 10.

I know I know, she's been an Internet and Instagram sensation for months now. @paige_spiranac Not only is she a blonde bombshell whom spends her time modeling and taking ridiculous selfies in next to nothing, she's a scratch golfer on the side. She plays / played college golf where she was very competitive. Not that... Continue Reading →


As I stood on the corner of Huron St. And Monroe St. of downtown Toledo, drunk as shit, leaning up against a light pole teetering between passing out standing up and puking everywhere, nearing 3:15 am on Sunday morning I glanced around and thought how the fuck are we getting home but more importantly, how... Continue Reading →

It’s here

It's what we live for, every week. You start thinking about it around the same time I do, Monday morning, 8 am. Then It shows up at different times for everyone, I'm up and at it around 5:30 am, but I don't even mind. The rest of the nest has more reasonable hours, more of... Continue Reading →

Great White Buffalo

"She was an Australian foreign exchange student when I was in college. Two semesters of a bangin' body, great tits and a tight little ass. She'd get all dressed up, wearing next to nothing grind my cock off at the bar, then wake up, roll a doobie, drink beer and watch football all day with... Continue Reading →

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