Humpday Vibes – Sigala – Sweet Lovin’ (Official Video) ft. Bryn Christopher

I got to get me a pair of these roller-skates!!!! Just imagine the boys and I at the Swanton Coliseum burning rubber, what a fine establishment that place is #classy. "backward skaters only" showtime


Vibes – Kygo, Ellie Goulding – First Time (just released)

Kygo my man, you have done it again. Just when you think he can't do any better he pulls something like this. Sorry Ted but we will be blasting this smooth little jam all friggin weekend. DEAL WITH IT!!!!

Knuckles Dime – (Day 1, The Masters Special ) – Alexis Flores #GCU

Golfer/Model Alexis is nothing less than a hole in one. She sticks greens, stuns screens, and is on her way towards finishing her MBA in business. #triplethreat Breaking!!! Cheeseknuckles Dimes Instagram is up and running so go ahead and give us a follow Check Out Our Past Dimes KDOTW Got a Nomination? DM... Continue Reading →

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