Somebody is high as a Kite Earlier this evening, progressive liberal internet broadcaster The Young Turks’ live stream from the Republican National Convention was interrupted as conservative Alex Jones, of InfoWars, walked onto the set, reportedly unannounced and uninvited, with Roger Stone in tow, as can be viewed in provided TYT footage. Before Jones and Stone left, the entire set... Continue Reading →

Coming Up & Coming Down

This has been a pretty entertaining series from great game play to twitter going a flame. Most people were counting the Cavs out. I however was not one of those. I believed this was the year from the end of last year and I still do. That is why I put a series bet on... Continue Reading →

15 Need to Knows to Survive Indy 500

Coolers or bags larger than 18 inches by 14 inches by 14 inches, carts or wagons, glass containers, aerosol cans, fireworks, guns, drones, selfie sticks, professional cameras, hoverboards, scooters, Rollerblades and roller skates, scaffolding and animals. (The worst is packing a huge cooler and then having to leave it at the gate never to be seen again) They... Continue Reading →

Indy 500 I’ll Bet You…..

As many now know, a large portion of our crew will be attending the Indy 500 which is the biggest tailgate in all of sports. The first year I went I believe there were two fatalities in the main lot across the street from us featuring one shooting and one stabbing. I also noticed two more... Continue Reading →

Indy or Bust

So many activities to be had. Just to recap a few of the voted favs we do beer dye, fowling tournaments (for the absolute losers but fun to watch while drinking a beer or beer bonging), drinking beer, beer bonging, doobie rolling, blunt smoking, shine time, shine up, shine on, and of course snap chat me those... Continue Reading →

Legendary Matchup… Jlove

The Champion of Champions J-Lo (46 years old) vs. Jennifer Anistan (47 years old). This is the superbowl of all matchups. This is where a guy like me might have his head explode before he could possibly pick one or the other. Father time has blessed these two babes with anti-aging genes. I would even... Continue Reading →

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