Ole Coyote’s Cool Corner

We did it guys, we made it to Friday. Things I look forward to on Friday you ask? Going to get sushi for lunch with AvianApollo (still not sure what the fuck that name means), hardly doing any actual work, and of course sharing some good music with you guys. I'm going to take it... Continue Reading →


How I Beat Chlamydia

The year was 2011: I was a strapping young buck, much thinner back then, and WAY more hair on my head. I began seeing a little philly that went to school at Ohio State. I was smitten. The first few weeks were blissful, fueled with booze, weed, some ecstasy sprinkled in there and of course... Continue Reading →

Ole Coyote’s Cool Corner

Here it is guys. What you've all been waiting for. Finally someone with a decent taste in music. Finally someone with their head screwed on straight. Finally the voice of reason. So today marks a very important day in Cheese Knuckles history. The day Ole Coyote single-handedly save not only the music industry but also... Continue Reading →

Vernors: The Gentlemen’s Drink

Tell me something, when was the last time you had an original ginger soda? No, not a ginger ale, not Canada Dry, not that bullshit Schweppes (I had to look up that one up). I'm talking about a true gentlemen's drink, Vernors. This miraculous elixir was created in 1866 by Detroit Pharmacist, James Vernor, God... Continue Reading →

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