How I Beat Chlamydia

The year was 2011: I was a strapping young buck, much thinner back then, and WAY more hair on my head. I began seeing a little philly that went to school at Ohio State. I was smitten. The first few weeks were blissful, fueled with booze, weed, some ecstasy sprinkled in there and of course... Continue Reading →

Ole Coyote’s Cool Corner

Here it is guys. What you've all been waiting for. Finally someone with a decent taste in music. Finally someone with their head screwed on straight. Finally the voice of reason. So today marks a very important day in Cheese Knuckles history. The day Ole Coyote single-handedly save not only the music industry but also... Continue Reading →

Vernors: The Gentlemen’s Drink

Tell me something, when was the last time you had an original ginger soda? No, not a ginger ale, not Canada Dry, not that bullshit Schweppes (I had to look up that one up). I'm talking about a true gentlemen's drink, Vernors. This miraculous elixir was created in 1866 by Detroit Pharmacist, James Vernor, God... Continue Reading →

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