Uncle Stink has been MIA but boy does he have a summer pool party track for ya!

That's right...I'm back bitches. I needed a little R & R but after a trip to Las Vegas with the boys I was feeling the Flamingo pool and the sun kissing my skin makes me crave a Cheeseknuckles Summer pool party. I found this remix to the ever popular "That's what I like" by Bruno... Continue Reading →


Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle Teaser Trailer Finally dropped. You Won’t Disappointed…

Here's one of the more modern comedic spy movie series to come along. We're used to to the dry humor of the Bond movies and of Tom Cruise's Mission Impossibles which I enjoy but the Kingsman flicks are a helluva a lot more entertaining. They don't hold back with the language, the blood, or the... Continue Reading →

Its Masters Week Baby!

Thats right, It's Tuesday the rounds don't officially start until Thursday Morning but this is arguably the best week in the game of golf. I'm sitting here on my ass watching nothing but golf coverage and they're not even playing yet. Player by player come in and the media asks them some questions. Some handle... Continue Reading →

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