The Warriors Broke Me & The Game

In the infamous words of Kathy Griffin "He broke me"... or better yet "they broke me" and "they broke basketball." The Warriors did it, they cracked the code and defeated the game. No different than using the cheat code Rosebud in the computer game The Sims (Unlimited money). It's not even fun to watch anymore, as they... Continue Reading →

Jason Day Supporting The Cavs At The Memorial – Remember When The Cavs Almost Killed His Wife?

Jason Day - A favorite of mine resides in Columbus, Ohio. He has a super hot wife from the Buckeye State, so naturally wearing Cavs themed spikes for the Memorial tournament makes sense. Unless of course, those same Cavs almost killed his super hot wife. Hmmm. Wonder why he's supporting them after all? You sneaky... Continue Reading →

Goodell & NFL Changing Celebrations Policy

We may finally get to see Antonio Brown twerk his ass off without a penalty. Roger Goodell doing everything he can to save his image... Below is his press release... Yes, a fucking press release to announce this, along with animations and "how to" instructions. NFL Press Release  

New City Fans Are The Worst

I can't stand a lot of things, and a lot of people... But the worst types of people are "New City Fans" - People who move to a city and within weeks, months, or a few short years, act like loyal, diehard, devout fans by embracing the successful sports teams as their own. It's not... Continue Reading →

I HATE Basketball Shoes But The New Signature KYRIE Shoe Is Real Nice!

I'm 100% anti basketball shoe guy. I seriously don't think there's anything dumber or uglier than a basketball shoe. And I especially think its ridiculous when I see guys wearing basketball shoes during daily activities like shopping, walking the dog, or grabbing dinner. You don't see me wearing baseball or track cleats to Outback. They're... Continue Reading →

Its Time For Baseball To Embrace Fighting Just Like Hockey Does

Last night a fastball caused some displeasure in the Dodgers/Giants game. Yasmani Grandal was upset with Johnny Cueto’s high and tight 94 mph fastball. In the end, when Grandal flew out, Grandal continued to shout at Cueto as he went up the line. That escalated into a bench-clearing argument. Another great part is Kershaw just avoiding the whole... Continue Reading →

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